Famous for its endemic bird species and rare orchid varieties, Putao is a small town surrounded by snow-capped mountains, freshwater streams and luscious forest. Putao is located in a valley near to the borders with Tibet and India. The Namlang River cuts through the town, the Himalayan Mountains loom in the far distance and rugged hills surround the town. It’s easy to imagine the tranquility of such a remote spot! Unique attractive place one is Hkakabo Razi, the highest mountain in South East Asia. The Namlang and Malikha Rivers are another playground for outdoor enthusiasts with clear water flowing at a moderate speed with a few fast stretches of rapids. In the calmer waters, bamboo rafting is a fantastic way to soak in the scenery and, for more of a thrill; white water rafting can be arranged. Due to the facts that there are hilly, snow-capped mountains, streams, rivers and luscious forest, visitor can try a range of adventurous excursions including trekking, mountaineering and white water rafting.   The limited number of Putao bound flights means that it is necessary to coordinate your plans around the dates available – that said, access is still not guaranteed as airlines will only operate if there are sufficient passenger numbers to justify flying. Arriving by plane, as road travel is not permitted for foreigners, you will be struck by the contrast in landscapes of Myanmar. The flight passes over dry zones, lush hills, winding rivers and lands just miles from the Himalayan Mountains. This is certainly a rewarding journey.