Festivals in myanmar

thadingyut festival

The Thandingyut or Festival of Lights is celebrated across the country. It begins one day before full moon and ends after three days. Houses and streets are beautifully illuminated. The nation’s pagodas are very crowded. It is not only a festival of joy, but also a time to give thanks to parents and teachers, and to ask those who you wronged during the year for forgiveness.

balloon festival

The Hot Air Balloon Festival is celebrated once a year on the second Festival of Lights after Buddhist Lent, and lasts for four days. Traditionally, it is the festival in which the natives pay homage at the Sulamani Temple by releasing decorative balloons towards the heavens. The paper balloons are between 4, 5 and 6m high, and are decorated on the outside with colourful lanterns made of cellophane. Lights are attached to the lanterns, giving the balloons a different pattern. The hot-air balloon rises quickly because of the flame heating the air inside the balloon - a 3 to 5m long trail with various fireworks being dragged along behind which constantly explode. Take a look at how the small children's balloons are made, along with the competition between the different groups, for whom it is all about the most beautifully decorated and the highest ascending balloon. For the programme of events for the Hot Air Balloon Festival

tazaugdine festival

A colourful gathering, during which the monks are offered yellow robes and other everyday household items. This gift giving ceremony is known by the name of ‘Kathein’. Every Buddhist regardless of status wants to take part in this at least once in their lifetime. Sagaing in particular is a big attraction for believers, as it offers a unique concentration of monasteries and pagodas in the surrounding area.