Festivals in myanmar

indawgyi festival

Located approximately 200 km from Myitkyina, approx. five hour drive to Indawgyi. The festival is celebrated every year over 10 days. One impressive feature is the two sandbanks, which appear from the lake just in front of the festival, allowing people to pass from the riverbank to the pagoda. The locals reserve a sandbank for the people. The second passage is meant for the gods. Shortly after the festival, both sandbanks disappear again into the water.

pindaya cave festival

During the festival at the Shwe Oo Min Pagoda Cave in Pindaya, thousands of believers besiege the cave to pay homage there. Hundreds of little stands offer delicious local food, Shan handicrafts, all types of ‘cheroots’ (Myanmar cigars), Shan umbrellas and much more. Diverse ethnic groups from across the Shan state visit the festival in their traditional costumes.

kekku pagoda festival

On the full moon day (12 March), the indigenous Pa-O come to give alms, dressed in their traditional black costumes. There is also a market during the festival days.


Before the Burmese New Year is celebrated, the four-days water festival is held. From morning to night, it is mostly young people who splash and pour water over one another, while elder people retreat into the monastery. There are copious celebrations for four days. People travel in open top cars through the city. There are many stages along the streets, where not only traditional dances are performed. Almost everything is closed during the festival days: restaurants, businesses, markets, museums etc.
On Burmese New Year's Day, the people of Myanmar visit family and go together to the pagoda.

popa festival

Nat dances on Mt. Popa. It is very crowded and difficult to get up the mountain.